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Is Transistor the father of modern digital world

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

TRANSISTOR - The invention of transistor revolutionized the digital world like no other inventions in the history of mankind. One should know the basics of transistor before he/she could start career in information technologies industries.Transistor are made of

silicon , silicon is a a hard and briffle crystalling solid with a blue-grey metallic , it is a semiconductor.Silicon has 4 electrons in its joined shellSilicon is useless in its original form , as it has a low conductivityA techniques called DOPPING is used to improve

conductivity.N - Type doping (PNP)- Inject phosphorus (negatively charged)P- Type doping (NPN)- inject boron (positively charged)To understand take diode ,its a combination of N and P type , when P is supplied with negative and N is supplied with positive , the current flows from negative to positive A transistor conducts current across the collector - emitter path only when a voltage is applied to the base, when no base voltage is present. The switch is off, when the base voltage is present , the switch is on.The transistor will be OFF when the input in equal to zero and vice versa (0=off, 1=on) , Transistor is a two diode combined back to back .Processor is made up of 2 billion transistor primary reason for an amplification. The transistor also works as a switch based on the voltage we supply on base.This property of the transistor opens to the world of digital electronics and memory Using two bipolor junction transistor (BJT) we can build a base dynamic memory of a computer.

The microprocessor in our PC has millions of transistor , those are not regular transistor they are Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOFSET)

BJT was invented in 1948 by William Shockley, Brattain, and John Bardeen which has remolded not only the world of electronics but also in our day to day life. The Bipolar junction transistors uses both charge carriers that are electron and holes. Indifference the unipolar transistors such as field effect transistors use only one kind of charge carriers. For the operation purpose BJT uses two semiconductor type n-type and p- type between two junctions. The main basic function of a BJT is to amplify current it will allow BJTs are used as amplifiers or switches to produce wide applicability in electronic equipment include mobile phones, industrial control, television, and radio transmitters. There are two different types of BJTs are available, they are NPN, and PNP.

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